Kayinga and Marandoo Estate vineyards

Langhorne Creek

Kayinga were digging deep for a reliable water source. Rowater's RO equipment ensured the water quality was reliable as well.

In 2007 Fabal and Rowater joined forces to design and build one of the largest desalination plants in SA at that time. A 2,000 kL/day reverse osmosis plant with pre-treatment processes was installed and commissioned to desalinate high salinity bore water. We thought we'd let Ashley Kegan, General Manager - Viticulture, at Fabal tell the story in his own words...

"Like all irrigators in South Australia the ongoing drought has created enormous challenges for vineyard operations. The situation has been amplified to a critical level in Langhorne Creek by the increasing salinity of our water resources. In 2007 it was apparent that in the absence of decisive action our capital asset base would be at risk."

How Rowater helped Kayinga and Marandoo Estate with their high quality water solutions.

It was at this time we joined forces with Rowater Australia to undertake a project that was to become the lifeblood of the Kayinga vineyard. Starting with a blank canvas we worked for many months with Chee Fong and his team to build one of the largest desalination plants in South Australia at that time. Throughout the due diligence and construction phase Rowater Australia’s skills, commitment and professionalism were critical to the projects’ success. It was obvious to our business that Rowater Australia fully appreciated the dire circumstances facing our operations and adapted accordingly to make the project happen in a very tight timeline.

The plant has now been operating for quite a while and has delivered against all expectations as well as being very ‘user friendly’. The ongoing support and responsiveness from Chee and the Rowater team is greatly appreciated and provides significant peace of mind in managing our precious water supply. It is rewarding to see a business that takes such pride in their work and is passionate about generating great outcomes. I genuinely look forward to working with Chee and the Rowater team again (albeit hopefully minus the drought!).

Ashley Keegan

General Manager - Viticulture
March 18, 2009

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