Why you should choose Rowater for your custom-designed and built reverse osmosis water treatment system

  • It's designed and constructed in Australia, at our Forestville factory
  • Fast turnaround
  • Twenty year (or more) lifespan
  • IOT-connected options are available
  • Solar connectivity is available
  • 24/7 after sales service
  • WTP engineering know-how
  • Standard or custom designs available
  • Factory-tested, turnkey solutions
  • Rowater have parts in stock at all times for quick repairs and maintenance

Up to 10,000 litres per day

  • Compact, fully-automatic reverse osmosis membrane desalination systems for brackish, ground and surface water applications
  • Provides a constant supply of organically pure water with low mineral content
  • Custom engineered pre-treatment solutions are available to protect the desalination plant from high suspended solids or difficult water chemistry
  • Systems can be designed with single or three phase power supplies, dependent on the source water available, and run with highly efficient power consumption
Almerta Station
A Rowater reverse osmosis plant provides fresh water for a sheep grazing property in the Flinders Ranges.
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10,000 to 40,000 litres per day

  • Ideal for commercial, industrial and rural applications where a constant,  reliable supply of fresh, potable water with low salt content is required
  • Each system incorporates a two-stage purification process... mechanical filtration and reverse osmosis to achieve up to a 98% rejection rate of total dissolved solids
Pine View Station
Rowater’s custom designed and constructed reverse osmosis system converts high salinity bore water into drinking water for organic farming.
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Red River Resources
Rowater solved the problem of high salinity bore water at the Thalanga mine with a system for producing high purity, desalinated water for ore treatment and drinking.
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Peregrine Corporation
Peregrine demand high quality, spot-free rinse water to ensure the best car wash finish possible at all their OTR’s. Rowater were able to provide water treatment equipment to guarantee that.
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PMB Defence
Rowater’s RO systems deliver high purity water, purified to the critical level required for submarine batteries.
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Hills Industries
This SA manufacturing icon uses a Rowater water purification system to ensure success in the powder coating process.
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Over 40,000 litres per day

  • Rowater's largest reverse osmosis and/or filtration systems can produce between 40,000 and 650,000 litres of water per day
  • Very large applications can be achieved  by utilising multiple units, providing virtually unlimited daily quantities
  • These units are designed from the ground up, based on proven design solutions and well-tested engineering principals
  • Clients are provided with detailed 3D CAD drawings and a comprehensive bill of materials
Photo of a water filter system
Brunette Downs Station
AACo - owner of Australia’s largest cattle herd - installed a Rowater multi-purpose treatment system to avoid having to cart water across the outback by truck.
Tennyson Centre Day Hospital
Medical facility located in metropolitan Adelaide
Brauer Natural Medicine
A TGA approved manufacturer of quality natural medicines based in the Barossa Valley in South Australia relies on high quality water from water treatment systems designed by Rowater.
Kayinga and Marandoo Estate vineyards
Kayinga were digging deep for a reliable water source. Rowater's RO equipment ensured the water quality was reliable as well.

Seawater units

  • Designed to purify water with salinities of up to 40,000 ppm total dissolved salts (seawater is typically 35,000 ppm)
  • Our seawater units are capable of purifying the saltiest of waters
  • Seawater units are available for marine and land-based applications

Wall and sink units

  • The Rowater under sink unit is and is the perfect, compact reverse osmosis system for  home or commercial use
  • The unit provides a four stage filtration process to convert tap water into high purity drinking water
  • Perfect for dentist and veterinary practices
  • Suitable for under-sink or wall mounting
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Rowater are with you for the whole design, construction and installation journey

Once we establish what your requirements are, we'll keep you fully-apprised every step of the way.

With very few exceptions, there are no "one-size-fits-all" solutions. Call us on 08 8193 2900 to discuss your particular requirements.

On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

Rebates are available for on-farm water infrastructure expenses to assist primary producers and horticulture farmers in drought-affected areas. There were a total of $50 million in rebates made available in 2018, with an additional $50 million in 2020. To determine your eligibility, click the logo at right.

Rowater’s proprietary software, RO-FIT, is of great value to manufacturers because it monitors the health of the equipment in real time, providing dashboard visibility and remote control access. We understand that manufacturers want minimal equipment downtime for maximum efficiency. Production managers will be able to proactively view and control the system from their phone or laptop.