Let the pure taste of your products shine through by using high quality, purified water in your recipe.

Rowater has consulted with food and beverage companies for decades, designing, installing and maintaining systems that ensure consistent end results.

Our solutions can convert either mains water or river / bore water into a high purity grade, compliant for food and beverage manufacture.

Photo of a water filter system
Equipment manufacture
  • Australian made
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Factory tested
  • Fast turnaround times
  • 20+ year lifespan
  • 10,000 to 600,000 litres a day output
  • Hold parts on shelf
  • Whole of life support
  • IOT technology for remote access  diagnostics
Bulk water

Rowater has built a large water treatment system at their Adelaide headquarters.

Water is packaged into different size containers including large bladders for commercial use.

Water can be transported throughout Australia for regular or emergency situations.

Water deliveries

The Rowater truck can directly pump high purity water into a manufacturers' tanks in the Adelaide region.

Wheatsheaf Hotel (aka the Wheaty)
Installing a Rowater RO has resulted in total control over the water profile, giving the beer a sharp, clean precise character.
Macclesfield Hotel
Patrons of the Macclesfield Hotel now enjoy pure tasting water thanks to a Rowater water treatment system.
Flinders Gin
Rowater solved the problem of really bad town water - that was no good for gin production - with a Rowater water purification system.
Five Eleven Distilling
Installing a Rowater RO system has resulted in consistency and control of Adelaide mains water quality.
Nippy’s Fruit Juices
Family favourites, Nippy's quality fruit juices, are made with high purity water from a Rowater reverse osmosis system.

On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

Rebates are available for on-farm water infrastructure expenses to assist primary producers and horticulture farmers in drought-affected areas. There were a total of $50 million in rebates made available in 2018, with an additional $50 million in 2020. To determine your eligibility, click the logo at right.

Rowater’s proprietary software, RO-FIT, is of great value to manufacturers because it monitors the health of the equipment in real time, providing dashboard visibility and remote control access. We understand that manufacturers want minimal equipment downtime for maximum efficiency. Production managers will be able to proactively view and control the system from their phone or laptop.

Improving consistency for The Wheaty

David Enstwistle from Rowater had a chat with Jade Flavell from the Wheatsheaf Hotel about how we were able to improve their water supply and brew a more consistent product for their customers.

How Rowater helped the Macclesfield Hotel with poor quality bore water

Dave chats with Yorky who tells us how his "crap water" was making it difficult to run his hotel.

He tells us how a Rowater RO system provides high quality water for cooking, cleaning dishes, icemaking and drinking.