RO-FIT stands for "Rowater Filtration Intelligence Technology" and it’s all about the ongoing health and fitness of your water treatment equipment.

RO-FIT incorporates proprietary hardware and software that is built into your reverse osmosis plant at the time of manufacture.

The hardware consists of a display that can be viewed on the equipment and via an app installed on your mobile phone or desktop computer. There are currently two versions of software;

  1. RO-FIT Trend – provides remote live monitoring and visibility of dashboards.
  2. RO-FIT Proactive – fully-featured remote live and online control including alerts.

Ease of access

  • Time saved accessing and monitoring plant at site (could be several hours a day especially if plant is located a fair distance away)
  • Plant status and condition can be viewed remotely via phone app remotely to monitor status

Remote support

  • The Rowater technical team have access to plant conditions and data to adequately support
  • The Rowater technical team can also be engaged to remotely monitor RO plant regularly on your behalf

Early planning

  • Early alert of low chemical levels and impending chemical refills
  • Early alert of impending cartridge filter replacement      
  • Early alert of pending RO cleaning/replacement based on data trends
  • The key benefit is prevention of major failure and system downtime

Real time fault notification

  • Warning messages for faults which require onsite attendance        
  • The key benefit is prevention of time lost if you are not on site and unaware of a system failure

Early access to data

  • Total run hours
  • Total flow per day
  • Trending of temperatures, differential pressures, conductivity, etc
  • The key benefit is for you is availability to data for costs calculations or for technical team to identify issues during troubleshooting

Automated system pump adjustments

  • PLC will control pump VFD to deliver fixed flow
  • You do not need to adjust the pump speed to account for pressure changes due to changes in water temperatures
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