The Rowater team consists of water treatment, engineering, design, service and maintenance specialists.

They are a formidable force when it comes to defining improvements to your site setup and ongoing water infrastructure management.

The team is down-to-earth, friendly and highly knowledgeable, approaching any problem in a practical, efficient and collaborative manner.

Fees for this service can be based on an hourly rate or fixed up front, depending on the specific situation your preferences.

Water treatment system health checks

Water purification equipment and other infrastructure is designed to last many years - even decades.

It’s often hard to know from just looking at the equipment how efficient and effective it is... just because it may look old doesn’t mean it needs replacing.

The Rowater team can assess all water-related infrastructure at your site and compile a report about its health, providing recommendations and considerations for improvement.

Site water optimisation reviews

This review is geared towards improving water treatment costs, efficiencies, productivity and/or waste (recovery).

The review includes equipment health checks (as above) along with an holistic approach to water requirements at the site.

Considerations may improve bypasses, multiple water sources and multiple tanks to accommodate different salinity levels.

For example, drinking water for the homestead or accommodation requires high purity whereas drinking water for sheep and cattle less purity.

The Rowater experts will consider how cost savings can be made yet still achieve the water quality required. This may include the use of solar to offset power costs.

Design and scoping for tenders

Rowater has many decades of water treatment knowhow for projects large and small.

We can assist with the process of current situation analysis (site audits), problem definition and design requirements to support an appropriate tender or RFQ document.

In this instance, Rowater specialists become an extension of your internal team to support you in the ‘go-to-market’ tender process.

On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

Rebates are available for on-farm water infrastructure expenses to assist primary producers and horticulture farmers in drought-affected areas. There were a total of $50 million in rebates made available in 2018, with an additional $50 million in 2020. To determine your eligibility, click the logo at right.