About Sleep chooses Rowater CPAP water


One of Adelaide's leading supplier tells why it's important to use high quality water in CPAP machines, and why they've chosen Rowater as their preferred supplier.

Using regular tap water in CPAP machines leads to increased maintenance costs and early machine failure, presenting significant financial implications to the provider of the CPAP machine and - possibly - the user.

How Rowater helped About Sleep with their high quality water solutions.

We have decided to let About Sleep tell you in their own words how we were able to help them, and continue to do so...

“About Sleep has been providing Rowater high purity, demineralised water to our customers for the past six years. We include a 10 litre cask with every CPAP machine we rent, to support premium effectiveness and longevity of the machine.

Customers regularly return to purchase more Rowater CPAP water, along with other essential accessories.

This water, sometimes known as distilled water, has significantly lower dissolved salt levels than products available from the supermarket. It is the best type of water to use in CPAP machines for the humidification process, ensuring the machine works to the optimum levels and lasts many years. 

Reasons for using Rowater CPAP water, from a technical perspective, include: 

  • High purity - humidifier chambers stay clean and free from deposits due to the level of water purity and sterility 
  • Contaminant free - the wine cask does not allow air to enter the container and be in contact with the water – the water is then less likely to breed micro-organisms 
  • Less waste - the wine cask style has a tap that allows the humidifier to be filled directly without any spillage 
  • Longevity - the large, 10 litre size lasts longer before needing replacement 

Also, from a manual handling perspective, the cask can be placed on a shelf avoiding the need to lift the container when fresh water is needed. 

Our customers' health is of the highest importance to About Sleep. CPAP machines are a non-surgical and effective treatment for sleep apnea but require proper maintenance in order for our customers to get a good night’s sleep, which is why we recommend Rowater as part of the overall solution”. 

By providing Rowater CPAP water when supplying a CPAP machine to a user, the increased costs of machine maintenance are avoided.

As well as reducing costs, the use of Rowater CPAP water has led to the overall wellbeing of their CPAP machine users.

November 11, 2021

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