Wall and Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems

Enjoy crystal clear water straight from the tap

The Rowater “Under Sink Unit” is also suitable for wall mounting and is the perfect compact reverse osmosis system for your home or commercial use.

The unit provides a 4-stage process to convert tap water into high purity drinking water.Rowater Reverse Osmosis System for wall or under sink use

Production rate 50 GPD under the following conditions:

• 100 psi • Water temperature 21°C • 500 PPM TDS • Normal rejection rate over 96%. • TFC Membrane

Technical data: • Maximum Temperature 40°C • Maximum Pressure 700kPa. • System only to be used on biologically safe water supply • Filter cartridges should be changed every 12 months under domestic conditions or every 6 months for commercial purposes.

Your new Reverse Osmosis System will remove the following contaminants…





Aluminium  98%  Adrazin  Over 98%
Arsenic  98%  Aldrin  Over 98%
Asbestos  99%  Benzene  Over 98%
Barium  95%  Chlorine  Over 98%
Cadmium  95%  Chloroform  Over 98%
Calcium  98%  DDT  Over 98%
Chloride  95%  Dichlormethane  Over 98%
Chromium VI  98%  Endrin  Over 98%
Copper  98%  Fluoranthene  Over 98%
Fluoride  95%  Herbicides  Over 98%
Iron  98%  Lindane  Over 98%
Lead  98%  Methoxychlor  Over 98%
Magnesium  98%  PCB  Over 98%
Manganese  98%  Pesticides  Over 98%
Mercury II  85%  Perchlorethylene  Over 98%
Nitrate  90%  Phenole  Over 98%
Potassium  95%  Tannic Acids  Over 98%
Selenium IV  95%  Toxaphene  Over 98%
Silver  98%  Trichlorethlene  Over 98%
Sodium  95%  Trihalomethanes  Over 98%
Sulphate  98%  V.O.C’s  Over 98%
Total Dissolved Solids  95%
Zinc  98%

  Warranty: • The complete system is under a 1 year warranty, excluding disposable filter cartridges and reverse osmosis membrane. • Manufacturer’s warranty applies to filter cartridges and membrane. • System must be maintained with original suppliers approved replacement filters. • The warranty is void if product damage results from; freezing, neglect, or is not installed in accordance with installation plan. • The supplying company will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused by a failure of this product. • Proof of purchase must be produced for warranty claims. Ordering For more information and ordering Please Contact Rowater Australia