Seawater Units

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Seawater Units

Designed to purify water with salinities up to 40 000 ppm Total Dissolved Salts (sea water is approximately 35 000 ppm TDS). Our seawater units are capable of purifying the saltiest of waters. Our seawater systems have salt rejection capability of up to 99.5%. The Rowater seawater unit range includes:

The Seababy

Seababy MkIII

The smallest of our seawater units, the seababy measures a tiny 700x460x410 mm and is available in a variety of capacities, from 840 litres per day up to 2400 litres per day. The seababy is an ideal companion to take out to sea on your boat, and will ensure you have a supply of fresh, clean water for your marine expeditions.




The Seamate


The seamate series is available in capacities ranging from 10 000 litres per day up to 100 000 litres per day, rejecting up to 99.6% of all impurities. The seamate features high pressure stainless steel pipework and a corrosion resistant, high pressure pump.


Our seawater units are custom built, and capable of producing any volume of pure water from the saltiest of feed waters.



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