New Systems and Upgrades

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Do you have a water treatment system that is no longer keeping-up with your requirements?

Existing water treatment plants that have been in service for many years may be suitable for refurbishment and upgrading.

Rowater engineers can assess your existing system to determine if refurbishment or upgrading is a cost effective option.

We will provide you with…

Expert assessment of the condition, capabilities and upgrade options for your existing plant.

A cost comparison for upgrading/refurbishment versus new equipment

Our recommendation regarding your best course of action based on future expected service life and other factors.

Changes in source water quality and output requirements

A common situation is a change in the quality of your source water and/or a change in your requirements for output quality or quantity.

A degradation in water quality can substantially impact on equipment performance leading to reduced filter cartridge life or poor performance.

Under these circumstances it is advisable to test the source water.

Rowater provides a water analysis service – click here for more details

Rowater can provide refurbishment and upgrade for any system not just for systems that we have previously manufactured and installed.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements with one of our engineers, Please Contact Rowater Australia