Delivered Pure Water

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Rowater Australia produces and sells two types of water; drinking water for homes and offices and distilled water for commercial uses.

Bulk Water Deliveries
Commercial and High grade water can be supplied in bulk  quantities for various applications such as in Laboratories, automotive, printing, and surface treatment.
Our truck can fit up to 4,000L per delivery. For pricing and further information, Contact Rowater.


AquaNova 15L Bottle

Drinking Water
If you are looking for the purest and most healthy water on the market then you should take a look at AQUANOVA and PURELLE; Rowater’s two drinking water products. Each is perfect for the health conscious individual who wants contaminant free drinking water. Now packaged in BPA (bisphenol-a) free bottles.
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High Purity Distilled Water
Rowater’s high purity distilled, deionised, demineralised High Grade, Commercial Grade, Premium Grade and BP/USP have been supplied to satisfied business customers for over a decade. Suitable for medical, commercial and industrial uses, our distilled water is perfect for your business. Looking to buy high grade distilled water? Click here to order online


Ordering Online You can now order all of our high purity water products right here on our website. Pay online with credit card or Paypal and we’ll deliver them to your door.