Dedicated to pure water

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Rowater exists for one purpose – we are dedicated to water purity

World class competitively priced systems

For decades Rowater Australia Pty Ltd has been designing and manufacturing world class competitively priced water filtration, desalination and membrane purification systems and delivering pure water in bulk or packaged form. Our in house engineering team provides advice and will specify, design and build a system to meet your specific requirements. Unlike some suppliers, Rowater does not set out to match you to a standard “out-of-the-box” solution. Custom, purpose built solutions are our specialty.

Customers all over Australia and exporting to neighboring countries

Located in Adelaide, South Australia Rowater supplies water purification systems to customers throughout Australia and overseas particularly to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Pure water delivery

We also sell the purest drinking and commercial grade water available on the market today. Our drinking water products Purelle and Aquanova are perfect for the health conscious family or workplace that loves the taste of contaminant free water, and commercial grade water products are designed for situations where only the purest water will do.

Service and maintenance

Rowater has a dedicated division “Waterforce” for providing customers with ad-hoc or routine service and maintenance to keep your water treatment equipment operating correctly and reliably. Waterforce can maintain and service any water treatment system not just our own equipment.

Helpful friendly staff

The staff at Rowater are dedicated to helping you in whatever way possible. If you have any questions about a desalination unit or ordering your pure water online please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. We would be glad to assist.


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