Custom Engineering

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Rowater Australia is a world class industrial designer, manufacturer and national supplier of a range of high quality, competitively priced Australian made water filtration, desalination and membrane purification systems.

The demand for Rowater high quality reverse osmosis (RO) equipment is continuing to grow as the benefits of RO technology become better known.

We provide custom engineering of reverse osmosis desalination systems in a range of capacities from as little as 1,500 litres per day up to 2 million litres per day. Larger capacity systems are possible through installing multiple of our largest systems.

Systems are delivered fully assembled, factory tested and ready to connect to services.

Our complete desalination systems are also available in skid mounted or containerized portable packages allowing for quick and easy relocation to your source of feed water.

Our systems use advanced technology to remove up to 99% of dissolved solids and undissolved contaminants from all sources of water including ground, tap, and sea water producing high quality water for any use imaginable.

To find out more and to obtain expert adviceĀ please contact Rowater and ask to speak to one of our application engineers.